Tuesday, 27 January 2015

lester leaps in

there was a time when cassettes popped through the postbox got waved about at bars thrust desperately in shoddily sparse audiences and how i wish i could say they were treasured played to bits shredded and pencil waggled... the north of cornwallis box has lost it's front and the three songs by label needs sticking back down before it can go in the machine and how it still plays is a blooming miracle cos it's been played and played and oh you know... lovers of a certain sort of guitar pop will be forever astounded that it took til last year for billy liar to find some kind of release on the monsterous c86 deluxe whatsit and that the rest of their set isn't collected oh somewhere is a dreadful thing... they sounded very much like this...

north of cornwallis - one second class return


Monday, 26 January 2015

noel noel

just before xmas it was my dear old dad's 80th and just after he had a big old birthday party at the bowls club full of folk i didn't know and folk i did and cousins i wish i saw more and booze at prices it'd be rude to refuse and the very kind and very generous lester noel sang some songs some with two small neighbours of my dad's on drums and keyboards and he made the night with his charm and skill so i thought we should have thankyou ever so lester week so here is thankyou ever so lester week ...

boy i did so adore those grab grab the haddocks 1984 london feet finding still hurrah del amitri ronnie scott's late sessions and the howling yee hahing love you moreing stage invading fishy glory... this is off of the second ep and has got that ace spoken bit punk legend alice fox could do like no other along with patent noel ohhhh ohhhing to his own song...

grab grab the haddock - for all we know


Friday, 23 January 2015

buon compleanno

so this crumbling neglected old pile is 8... well it was 8 on tuesday but i missed it as ever... who'd have thought it...

let's have some barbara like we do this time of year and i'll raise an elvis lives in my heart mug of tea... ta for popping by dear pals

barbara lewis - come home


Friday, 16 January 2015

rob's records

it's a tizz this new year so far dears it really is a whole lot of well going mainly and not knowing what day it is and astonishment that it's the 16th already or it's only the 16th now whichever... what a palavar... i shall be taking a breather at the weekend hopefully and catching up with this... first go was smashing and it's even got a record i've got on it and this that stuck out as just my sort of thing...

soul brothers inc - long dark night of prejudice

"OK, I know it's now 2015 but honestly I did this last week but only just posted up !!
This was going to be an all slow, sweet, deep ballad based kind of thing --- but halfway through on the frostiest day of the year so far, somewhere between xmas and the new year, I felt a strong desire for severe defrosting and a huge yearning for summers warmth...AS ALWAYS....Glenn Goines & the P Funk all stars came to my rescue !! From there on in it got more and more uptempo till before I knew it I was dancing around the living room to one of the first and greatest Salsoul 12 inchers !!!
I hope you hear something that you like...and end up loving !
Bestest wishes and Happy New Year Y'all !!


Monday, 5 January 2015

both sides now

how's about a sing up petals? a roar along? a sha la la doobie wah dum dum dum yep yep bom or a ba boom ba boom ba bay ah even?... wet your whistles and here we go with the cooking up a quiet storm kitchen chorus

 and if all that row is just too much or that whistle got a bit too wet have a crooner a jazzer a heart shredder... torch forever...

and a little something to take home and carry with you always...

hello january

so little chuckie eggs... here we go again...

with huge thanks to jeb's jukebox and the caught by the riverers here's how to start a year... you know we like an anthem a something to come back to to get us through and this is a wonderous wonder... happy new year dear pals...

alton ellis - sh-boom (life could be a dream)


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

arts & style

something quite beautifully scratchy off centre and dusty as anything to send as a festive gift to all you lovely folk that pop around now and then... keep those feeders filled and seed scattered and gin plentyful... here's to you

phyllis dillon - love was all i had